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            Manager:shuli bai
             Bank : Rural credit cooperatives,
             cangxian county , hebei province
             Add :jiacun industry area,cangxian
                   county,hebei province
          Cangxian lida water heating pipe fitting facotory was established in 1989. It is located in jiacun,cangxian county,hebei province water heating the hometown of outside teh wire pipe fittings. Our factory is one of the earliest professional factories that prduce pipe fittings. We mainly produce u-card ,bs en10241 , bs1387, iso7/1, din2982, din2440, din2999 and so on. Our products are highly praised by our clients. They fit in with both the national and the line standards. Our products are not only sold in china,but also sold to foreign countries such as asia, korea ,germany, holland,spain,italy,israel,ect.

        Cangxian lida water heating pipe fitting facotory*新星傳媒獨家提供網絡支持

        Add :jiacun industry area,cangxian county,hebei province

        Tel:0317-4058270 Fax:0317-4925788 Mob:13931795058 Manager:shuli bai